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VSHORAD Module is a modular system for airspace surveillance and effective fire control for very short-range air defence systems.

  • ReVISOR is a 2D short-range radar providing the early-warning capability for the VSHORAD weapon systems. It is also capable of detecting low, slow, and small targets, such as drones.
  • ReWET NG is an advanced weapon terminal serving as an interface between the weapon system and the C2 structure. It is capable of displaying the local air picture, data sharing in real-time, and transmit the commands.
  • ReTOB NG is an airspace surveillance asset designed to fill the gaps where the radar sensors cannot reach or where the passive target detection is required. It comprises of the optical system, thermal imager, and laser range-finder to provide targeting information for the weapon system or to pass the observed target information to the air-defence network.