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The ReTwis 5 radar uses the UWB (UltraWideBand) radio localization technology. The UWB technology is specific by its high resolution, high noise immunity and practically no interference with other radio systems. ReTwis 5 (RETIA Through-Wall Imaging System) is a unique small portable radar detecting living entities behind a wall or a non-metallic barrier. 

Thanks to its UWB technology, the radar can detect living entities both in motion and at rest. Small dimensions, low weight and excellent performance (range up to 40 m) makes ReTwis 5 a highly portable device suitable for multi-purpose usage, for special police and military units.

Technical data

Dimensions 35 x 28 x 12 cm
Weight (including battery) 3.25 kg
Radar range up to 40 m
Battery life 5 hours
Launching time under 20 sec.
Displaying 2D – 3D
Display 7“
Remote control LAN, WIFI
Technology UWB – SFCW
Operation frequency 1,9 to 3,7 GHz
Transmitting power ~ 10 mW
Displaying angle 120 ° horizontally and in elevation

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