In the AEROSPACE segment, CSG companies develop and produce technologically advanced radars, ATC systems, mobile ATC towers and ATC simulators and other complex communication systems. They supply top comprehensive solutions for their clients all over the world. Radars supplied by the division's companies are located at all major Indian airports, where they have been operating successfully for several years.


We work with researchers and key experts to identify important opportunities for the future. Research and development, technological progress, advanced technical capabilities - these are alpha and omega in our business.


CSG AEROSPACE companies active in defence & security segment supply their premium products to the Czech Army and Czech security forces, to the NATO and to the security forces of many other countries. Modern radar systems, modernization service, command and control systems, comprehensive anti-drone solutions - these are our top defense & security products successfully delivered to clients around the world.


This segment of the division offers a wide range of services. These include MRO  service, modernization of aircraft and their sale for Czech and international clients.



Unique technology, development and production


A wide portfolio of services with top MRO will extend the service life of your products

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