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The PAR-E precision approach radar provides important support for the approach and landing control of various aircraft, including emergency landing due to avionics failure. The radar utilizes active electronic scanning antennas (AESA) both in the azimuth and the elevation, which allows cooperation without mechanical movement of the antennas. The radar meets the relevant ICAO standards and recommendations and follows the NATO Vision document, which PAR technology will follow until at least 2040.

Technical data

Frequency Band X-band
Used Principle of Electronic Scanning AESA
Instrumented Range 40 km (21,6 NM)
Instrumented Azimuth Sector -15 ° to +15 °
Instrumented Elevation Sector -1 ° to +14 °
Data Refresh Rate < 1 s
Azimuth Antenna Vertical Tilt Mechanism -2 ° to +3 ° around optimal setting
Elevation Antenna Skew Mechanism -10 ° to +10 ° around azimuth scan centreline
Signal Processing Type Adaptive MTD

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