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We provide comprehensive solutions, including flight training, aerial services, commercial air transport and services related to the purchase and sale of required aircraft.
We offer a wide range of pilot training for civilian and military customers. We can train a student with zero experience up to the level of a pilot ready to deploy in missions. In addition to basic pilot training, we also offer advanced courses and various types of tactical training. An integral part is also the training of ground personnel of helicopters and aircraft.
Slovak Training Academy is the only civilian owner of 4 UH-60A Blackhawk helicopters in Europe, which form an integral part of our fleet. The total number to date is 24 helicopters brands UH-60A, S-300, MD500, MD530, Bell-206 and AS355N.
European Air Services and Slovak Training Academy have an international team of experienced professionals, instructors, mechanics, ground staff and project managers, thanks to whom we can guarantee the highest level of services provided. Training center is based at Košice International Airport, which enables 24/7 operation. All classrooms and simulators needed to train pilots are available directly at the airport.

Pilot training

 Fixed wingRotary wing   
PPLPPL (A)PPL (H)NVG trainingSAR/CSAR trainingTactical manoeuvers
CPLCPL (A)CPL (H)Flight to dynamic and static cealingHEMS trainingFormation flight
ATPLIR (A)VRF nightType rating - Bell 206, AW 119, MD500, UH-60, AS-355, S-269C, Mi-8, Mi-17Mountain operationsReconnaissance and tactical flights
IRVRF night  Fast ropeSpecial operation training
ICAO English     
Aviation English Intro     

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