The World Defense Show 2024, an exhibition of security and defense technologies, will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from February 4 to 8. Although it is only in its second year, the World Defense Show (WDS) has already managed to rank among the most important events in the field worldwide, and at the same time it opens exhibition season. In Riyadh, none of the world leaders of the defense industry will be absent, and companies belonging to the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) will be among the exhibitors.

Saudi Arabia and the regions of the Near and Middle East are important markets for military and defense technologies, from which interesting customers come for the companies of the industrial-technological group CSG. That is why they already exhibited at the first year of WDS as part of the joint national stand of the Czech Republic. This year, they will be presented at a separate CSG stand next to the Czech national stand, namely Tatra Trucks from Kopřivnice, Excalibur Army from Šternberk, Slovakian MSM Group, Retia from Pardubice, as well as Excalibur International and the Italian company Fiocchi. The joint CSG stand will be the largest of the Czech participation.

Retia from the CSG Aerospace division will demonstrate one of its main products in Riyadh – the ReGuard 3D radar with the ability to locate and track not only air targets with a small reflective surface, but also ground targets. It is a compact device that is suitable for use in air defense systems, especially for protection against drones and low-flying targets. Retia will also exhibit the unique radar device ReTwis 5+, the technology of which it has been developing for many years. ReTwis is able to detect live objects and people behind non-metallic obstacles, a feature that is especially appreciated by security forces. Retia managed to succeed with this product in several important markets, such as the USA.

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