Already installed combined radars are successfully used at civil airports in Warsaw and Krakow, and secondary radars serve as trackside radars outside the airport. Two more combined Eldis radars will be added next year at Gdańsk and Katowice airports. In addition, Eldis will install a secondary track radar near the town of Pułtusk. All the above-mentioned installations are a vital part of the backbone radar network of the Polish civil air traffic control.

The secondary radar (or secondary parts of combined radars) MSSR-1 NG, which the company will deliver to Poland, was newly developed at Eldis in such a way that it meets all the requirements of the currently implemented standards. In Poland, it will therefore be its first ever installation, where the designation of the new generation means, among other things, that it will be certified according to the EMS 4.0 standard of the Eurocontrol organization. It is a document that contains detailed requirements for the design, development and operation of secondary Mode S radars.

Extensive operator training will also be part of the delivery. It will take place both in Eldis on the training radar, and then directly on site, so that the operator can familiarize himself with the settings of a particular radar in detail, including diagnostics and replacement of basic modules and measurements.

After the delivery of the radars, the radars from Eldis will already cover the entire airspace of Poland.

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