The clients of the Mošnov aircraft repair shops expressed an increasing interest in services beyond traditional aircraft maintenance. Based on this demand, the company recognized the need for a specialized department that would be able to respond quickly to these changing requirements. The newly formed Job Air Services department allows the company to focus on providing first-class service in areas such as spare parts sales, mobile workgroups, component shops and more.

One of Job Air Technic's key strategies for this move is the creation of a service department for third parties that do not currently use the company's Mošnov hangars. This separation allows us to spread the workload evenly and create dedicated teams for each service, ensuring a more efficient and smooth operation.

The newly created department comprises several specialized teams including the GO TEAM (mobile work group), spare parts dealer, component shop and dedicated sales manager. In addition to overseeing spare parts sales, the Sales Manager will also offer training and Airworthiness Management (CAMO) services.

During its inauguration, Job Air Services department has already achieved significant milestones. Successfully achieved targets for sales of spare parts and won the first GO TEAM contract from Airbus. While setting up processes, the new department is also finalizing the fine-tuning of the component shop team.

At the same time, the processes of selling spare parts are being improved with the aim of minimizing the possible impact on continuous production and ensuring seamless integration of services. With initial successes in mind, Job Air Services is gearing up for the next phase of growth. Future plans include the introduction of an asset management program that will include component exchanges and loans. At the same time, aircraft are actively sought for disassembly and dismantling, which will once again expand the scope of services of the new department.

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