The 25th anniversary of MRO Europe took place in Amsterdam from 17 to 19 October and Job Air Technic was among more than 450 exhibitors. The event attracted thousands of aviation professionals. It also included a conference with 30 expert speakers. This important event takes place every year in one of the three host cities. Next year it will take place in Barcelona, in 2025 in London.

"It is great that we were able to sign this important contract in Amsterdam. This is our first such significant collaboration with the Lufthansa Group. We see the fact that such a strong group has chosen us as a partner for the maintenance of their aircraft as another recognition of the quality of our services. It certainly helped that we are an approved Airbus service provider from 2021. By the way, we also finalized this contract at the MRO in Amsterdam," says Vladimír Stulančák, CEO of Job Air Technic.

More than a hundred aircraft undergo maintenance at Job Air Technic's aircraft repair shops every year. In two hangars, aircraft mechanics can work simultaneously on eight narrow-body Airbus A 320 Family or Boeing 737 aircraft. The total of 17 machines of the Lufthansa group, which Job Air Technic will accept for maintenance over the next few months, therefore represents a very important contract for the repair shops in Mošnov.

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