At the beginning of last year, JOB AIR Technic, part of the Czechoslovak Group holding company, ceremoniously opened a new repair hangar with workshop and storage facilities. The company had big plans. They were slowed down by the onset of a coronavirus pandemic, which completely paralyzed air traffic.

Aircraft repair services based at the airport in Ostrava-Mošnov were able to move through this situation, they have a full hangar, in the covid year 2020 they reached revenues of 659 million crowns and the EBITDA indicator was 76 million crowns.

The fact that the aviation business is far from normal is shown by a view of the surroundings of the repair hangar in Mošnov, where the number of aircraft in parking mode began to increase over the past year to over three dozen, and this number remains to this day. Even parked aircraft need basic maintenance. Not only do they not make money, they also generate losses for their operators.

"Last year began with the great glory associated with the opening of a new hangar. We were more than one hundred percent busy and we didn't know which customer to take first, "says Vladimír Stulančák, CEO of JOB AIR Technic. "After the outbreak of the covid, the situation changed, not immediately, but when open projects ran out. We started to feel the first problems in April, when customers started to cancel planned maintenance, "he adds.


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