There is a solid interest in radars from Pardubice at home and abroad. The company is custom-filled and the management is working intensively to ensure that the current successful wave on which it rides continues into the future. That is also why he again makes extensive use of trade fairs for presentations and business meetings, which could have started again after a forced break caused by the covid.

IDET trade fair in Brno, NATO Days in Ostrava, FAMEX trade fair in Mexico or WATM congress in Madrid. All these events are connected by the participation of the Pardubice radar manufacturer ELDIS. The company uses every opportunity to present its production. Currently, the company is carrying out, among other things, a large order in China, where it supplies thirteen airport radars, is preparing to install a radar in Colombia in the heart of the Amazon rainforest or three complete radar sets in Slovakia. In addition, it won another contract in India this year to supply 11 radars for the local navy.

India is the most interesting chapter in the story of a company that celebrated 30 years of existence this year. For more than twenty years of presence on the Indian market, radars manufactured in Pardubice cover 99 percent of the country's airspace. Without the current contract, on which the company is just beginning to work, ELDIS has implemented more than thirty installations of new radars in India and modernized another eleven.

The best proof of the company's growth is the expansion of the production hall completed this year. This step was necessary because the company has grown by a large number of employees in the last few years, today it has almost 250. But even this number is not final. ELDIS is still looking for reinforcements for manual positions, such as metalworkers, machine locksmiths or welders. In addition, he longs for software developers or designers and other positions. It offers the security of stable and promising work in an attractive field.

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