CS SOFT and ATRAK from the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding are experienced suppliers of the most modern ATM systems and solutions for aviation. The companies have been cooperating for a long time on the development of the best solutions for the customer and are one of the major players not only in the country, but also in a global context.

"Thanks to CS SOFT and ATRAK, which employ over a hundred top developers and testers in Prague, our holding company provides a comprehensive solution for air traffic control from radars to software systems that process information from the airspace," said David Chour, vice chairman of the board of CSG holding.

Due to the long-term cooperation, specialists and colleagues from both companies help each other in analyzing problems, consulting and finding the best solution. The synergy increased even more last year, when ATRAK (previously Ifield Computer Consultancy) became part of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP and its CSG Aerospace division.

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