The US Federal Department of Defense and some US states have equipped their special units with ReTwis radars from the Pardubice company Retia.

The radar allows the army and police intervention units to monitor the situation behind non-metallic barriers. For example, they can use radar to peer through a wall into a room where armed attackers are hiding. The Mexican armed and security forces and other Latin American countries are also interested in the radar, which is sold in America under the name POLR-1. Retia is part of the Czechoslovak Group and its CSG Aerospace division, and is represented in North America for the second year by the business company CSG USA. "We are gradually penetrating the North American market, we have also managed to sell ReTwis radars to the federal armed forces. We consider it a great success, because our equipment was chosen by special units of the US Army, "said CSG CFO David Chour.

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