Companies in the holding Czechoslovak Group are newly expanded by the company UpVison. It is a Czech startup whose team has been operating since 2013 and is composed of professionals who were at the birth of the legal professional operation of drones in the Czech Republic.

UpVision develops solutions and operational procedures enabling the safe movement of drones in airspace. It also operates in the field of using unmanned systems for various types of aerial work with the greatest know-how in the field of aerial photogrammetry and aerial monitoring. The experience of the company's specialists includes creative aerial photography and video for film, advertising and television, the development of software and hardware products to support unmanned aviation and data processing.

UpVision provides superior airspace management and access services for drone operators with the ability to create and share dynamic data with all drone users. It also offers innovative industry solutions increasing the added value of production for industrial clients. The means to achieve these goals is the creation of selected services according to the U-Space framework, which includes elements of security, a high level of automation and, at the same time, ease of use by key participants. UpVision is a member of the European U-Space Demonstrators Network and participates in a number of prestigious foreign and Czech research projects focused on applied research, verification of selected technologies and operational procedures for U-space.

It is also one of the first companies to receive an aviation work permit from the Civil Aviation Authority, is one of the co-founders of the Alliance for the Unmanned Aviation Industry and an advisor to the Interdepartmental Commission for Civil Aviation Safety. Thanks to close cooperation on research projects with leading universities, research institutes and state institutions, it co-creates methodology and technological procedures in many areas and keeps up with world trends. To increase awareness of the rules of flying and increase the safety of drone operations, the company created a mobile application and the MAIA telemetry module and supplies the UTM system with its foreign partners for the state enterprise Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic.

UpVision can also design and implement comprehensive solutions for protection against drones, which are suitable for use by security and rescue forces, when protecting, for example, airports, power plants, industrial facilities, test polygons, water sources, protected landscape areas and parks, important objects, etc. The company he also has experience in involving aviation authorities in managing the operation of drones in the airspace to ensure safety, but also in new scenarios for the legal use of drones, as well as in the registration of drone pilots, obtaining information and data needed for flight activity, risk assessment and, for example, communication with the public, etc.

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