JOB AIR TECHNIC signed a contract with AJW GROUP

JOB AIR Technic has signed a Power-by-the-Hour (PBH) contract for the repair of aircraft components with AJW Group, which world-leading independent specialist in the supply, exchange, maintenance, repair, and lease of commercial and business aircraft spare parts.

"Collaboration with Ryanair is a bit different than with other customers, namely the increased interest on his part in perfect preparation, which includes, for example, supervision of the customer's representatives at least two weeks before the arrival of the first aircraft, provision of historical data that should help us prepare as best as possible and not least a visit to one of their maintenance centers to demonstrate the expected quality of work, modern processes and the like. On the other hand, all this will require adaptation to new processes and increased requirements, but this will help us raise the bar of our services a little higher," says CEO of JOB AIR Technic Vladimir Stulancak.

Ryanair planes have visited the Ostrava hangars in the past, but they were machines owned by leasing companies. The passenger planes were converted to a cargo version in Ostrava.

Ryanair can also service its own aircraft, for example it uses its own repair center in Wroclaw, Poland, for aircraft maintenance. The technical base there will soon undergo expansion, as part of Ryanair's largest investment in Poland worth 25 million euros, a new hangar will be built at the Wrocław airport.

“Our five-year growth plan will expand our fleet to more than 600 aircraft. The agreement with JOB AIR Technic will allow Ryanair to use one slot for heavy maintenance in the coming winter season. JOB AIR Technic has an excellent reputation in the industry for its quality service offering and this deal will ensure Ryanair has the flexibility to position its aircraft for the winter maintenance season," said Neal McMahon, Ryanair's Chief Operating Officer.

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