At the beginning of June, the Czech company ELDIS, whose civilian airport radars now cover most of India's airspace, won a contract with its local partner to supply key components for the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard.

It is a total of 11 combined radars of the PSR / MSSR type (Primary Surveillance Radar / Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar). The prestigious project worth almost 45 mil. USD, which ELDIS will implement in cooperation with Mahindra Telephonics, can open the door to further contracts for the Indian Armed Forces to a successful Pardubice exporter.

ELDIS Pardubice, which is celebrating its thirty years this year, was founded by former employees of the Institute for Radio Engineering Research, which was part of the world-famous Tesla Pardubice. The company has already installed over a hundred radars in almost thirty countries around the world. With the exception of Australia and Antarctica, Pardubice radars monitor airspace over all continents of the world. ELDIS products also have an excellent reputation in India, where, thanks to their high quality, equipment reliability and good price, they have established themselves very well in the tough competition of the local market.

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