CS Soft has launched a project to develop an ATC simulator with new functionalities that are innovative in this segment and are not a common part of other ATC simulators. The project defines two main research and development goals: remote user access to the ATC simulator and automation of pseudopilot activities.

CS Soft a.s., is a provider of air traffic control and general aviation solutions and has more than 30 years of experience in software development. Civilian and military customers in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Israel, Slovakia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries rely on its products.

The remote user workstation ATC (Air Traffic Control) simulator will allow you to conduct online training at a lower cost and better plan the distribution of training services among remote and local participants. Research and development activities related to the remote user workplace of the ATC simulator will be primarily the responsibility of CS Soft.

The automation of the pseudopilot activity will enable ATCO (student) training in the form of self-study (without the participation of an instructor and CS Soft pseudopilot), even outside the standard operating hours of the system and outside the standard working hours of the system operator. This functionality will enable the reduction of demands on human resources (pseudopilots) by implementing part of the training only with the participation of the student and the instructor. The result of the automation of the pseudopilot activity will be a state where the automation is fully functional and has properties that take into account the human factor and the behavior of a real pseudopilot. The automated pseudopilot will thus fully replace the human (pseudopilot) in all phases and types of training.

The staff of the University of Defense will carry out research activities in order to determine a suitable solution to the problem of pseudopilot automation. Software development and implementation will then be carried out by CS Soft, a member of the CSG industrial technology holding company and its CSG Aerospace division.

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