On 17 - 18 September 2022, the largest security show in Europe, the 22nd NATO Days & 13th Air Force Days of the Czech Republic, took place at the Ostrava airport with the participation of nineteen partner countries and under the partnership of the North Atlantic Alliance.

In the cool late summer weather, visitors had the opportunity to see modern equipment and displays by various security and firefighting and rescue forces. In total, nearly a hundred aircraft and a thousand different types of other equipment were on display. According to the organizers, 110,000 people visited the event over the weekend.

There were also companies from the CSG Aerospace division among the exhibitors – company RETIA whose domain is radar and recording systems or company EUROPEAN AIR SERVICES (EAS) which is engaged in the training of pilots and ground personnel through its Slovak Training Academy (STA) training center and in addition to the sale of helicopters and airplanes, while also offering professional advice and financing of purchases, it also ensures the supply of spare parts and maintenance of machines, aerial work and commercial air transport.

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