Although the joint-stock company ATRAK was formally registered in the Commercial Register only relatively recently, the historical roots of the company's human and technical know-how go much further into history. The company provides comprehensive solutions in the field of air traffic control, including related economic outputs for effective financial management and planning.

Previously, the company was known in the industry under the brand name IFIELD COMPUTER CONSULTANCY (ICC) and only after it was bought by the industrial group Czechoslovak Group of the entrepreneur Michal Strnad earlier last year, did it become more widely known as ATRAK. The company profiles itself in two basic areas:

  • System integration of already existing specific solutions or solutions designed by ATRAK.
  • Subcontracting of solutions / modules for individual specialized activities.

The company develops its own system solutions and at the same time acts as a system integrator. In the field of aviation, we understand system integration as the integration of specific local modules (for example, conditions and rules of individual airports, and on a larger scale of individual states over which air traffic takes place) into more global units - such as European airspace.

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