In 2020, despite the unhappy situation in air transport, 105 aircraft passed through the JOB AIR Technic repair shop hangar. So a comparable number as in the times before the pandemic. The basis of success was the ability to react flexibly to market developments. And also the willingness to embark on new projects even in uncertain times. The company, which belongs to the CSG Aerospace division of the Czechoslovak Group, for example, has been authorized to maintain Airbus A320neo aircraft. This year, it also plans to add a Boeing 737 MAX, which after forced grounding was authorized to return to service.

"We had the first Airbus A320neo for maintenance at the end of March. Unfortunately, it will wait until it returns to the sky. It is now in parking mode," says Vladimír Stulančák, director of JOB AIR Technic.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, parking and support for projects in the paint shop have been among the most common projects solved by air repair shops based at the airport in Ostrava-Mošnov. On the other hand, the share of regular maintenance performed on aircraft every roughly two years, the so-called C-checks, has decreased. After the outbreak of the pandemic in the spring of last year, operators almost immediately revised and suspended their plans and postponed maintenance, stating that, with a few exceptions, they primarily use aircraft that do not currently need maintenance.


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