ELDIS Pardubice celebrates 30 years of market presence. With this significant anniversary, they associated a change of logo and visual identity. For the first time since the founding of ELDIS Pardubice in 1991, the four-leaf clover symbol disappears from their logo. In the new, modernly cut logo, it is replaced by a radar wave symbol.

Along with the introduction of a new visual identity, ELDIS Pardubice also launched a new website. They are modern, clean, clear - the basic impression and overview will be given to each visitor from the introductory video, then it will be guided by simple navigation via ELDIS.

ELDIS Pardubice has come a long way in the 30 years of its existence. Today, it is one of the leading manufacturers of active radars. They have installed more than one hundred radars and radar systems in more than 25 countries on four continents. Their main destination is India. During many years of cooperation, 99 percent of the airspace of this seventh largest country in the world was covered by a radar signal.

Its activities follows the famous brand Tesla Pardubice. Since their establishment in 1991, they have gradually expanded their competencies and from the service and modernization of older systems to the installation of radars of their own production. An important milestone for their development was the year 2017, when they became members of the industrial-technological holding Czechoslovak Group.

At the same time, the significant growth of their company dates back to 2017. In the last five years, more than a hundred new employees have been added to ELDIS Pardubice, and they are carrying out significant orders, for example in China and India. The radar will also be installed in Colombia this year. In connection with the growth this year, they opened a new production hall with warehouse space and administrative facilities.

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