The contract includes the supply of a complete primary fully redundant radar of the RL-2000 NG (New Generation) series. This system is the latest product from Eldis. It is a software-defined radar using GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology in the final stages of the transmitter modules.

The use of the above-mentioned elements and SDR (software-defined radar) technology made it possible to reduce the need for specially developed HW boards, where their functionality is replaced by compact modules that can also be used for other Eldis products. All this ensured an increase in the overall reliability of the system and a simplification of the requirements for its service. The use of innovative technologies, among other things, reduced the energy consumption of the system.

A big challenge for the technical team of Eldis will be the integration of the existing monopulse secondary radar with IFF functionality (Mode 5) to our primary surveillance radar NG, which is one of the conditions of the tendered contract. All requirements for the Cyber Security system as a whole, which is part of the Command and Control system of the Norwegian Air Force, will be addressed here.

As part of this contract, Eldis will provide comprehensive support in the area of Integrated Logistic Services, including personnel training, provision of spare parts and regular servicing of equipment. This will provide the customer with continuous availability and reliability of the system throughout its planned lifetime.

This delivery of a radar system to the Royal Norwegian Air Force will replace the aging ASR-8 system from Texas Instruments Incorporated. By delivering the new radar, Eldis will provide the Norwegian Air Force with modern technology corresponding to the latest standards, increasing the safety and efficiency of planned air operations.

The project takes place in NATO Restricted mode, which requires specific measures in the area of personnel and IT Cyber Security.

The installation at the Rygge air base is planned for the autumn of this year, the equipment itself will be put into use by the end of the same year. The Eldis company is looking forward to cooperation in this Nordic country, where it is implementing its first major order.

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