In the USA, a small Czech-made portable radar has already helped police special forces to detect hiding armed criminals or free hostages. The U.S. military also buys equipment for special forces. Now the Pardubice manufacturer Retia is also scoring points in the Middle East. The Emirates police force has a serious interest in the ever-improving technology that can literally see through the wall.

Weighing just over three kilograms even with batteries, the small portable radar ReTwis is able to detect living beings behind a wall or behind a non-metallic obstacle, both in motion and at rest.

It works on the principle of detecting small changes caused by movement, and thus allows you to locate, for example, a person just by simply breathing. It then visually displays the position to the operator directly on the display based on the reflected radar pulses.

The signal from the radar is practically undetectable. The range of the radar is 40 meters and it can be placed up to 20 meters from the obstacle behind which the wanted persons are hiding.

It is one of the unique technologies that are not yet widespread in the world. "There is a lot of interest in SWAT-type special forces in Europe and now also in Arab countries. They are directly police forces from the United Arab Emirates," confirmed Jiri Novak from the company Retia, which belongs to the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) and the CSG Aerospace division.

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