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The REUNION is a modern S-band 3D highly agile stacked beam AESA radar. This software defined system is ideal for Ground Controlled Interception mission. The radar system shares many components with the CSG Aerospace‘s RL-series radar systems which have highly modular configuration and low-cost maintenance during its life span.

Radar system complies with all requirements and recommendations for these types of systems by the NATO standards as well as ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards for Air Defence and Military Air Traffic Management. The basic configuration of REUNION can be extended by the monopulse secondary  radar MSSR-1 which enables the SSR/IFF capabilities.

  • Solid-state AESA technology
  • GCI mission support
  • Long-range surveillance
  • Increased reliability
  • Resistance to jamming
  • Compatible with various C2 systems
  • Open architecture

Technical data

Frequency S-band
Antenna 3D AESA Stacked Beam
Technology Solid-state GaN
Instrumental Range 450 km
Altitude Coverage 30 km
Azimuth Coverage 360°
Rotation Speed 6 to 12 rpm
Total Peak Power 70 kW



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