ELDIS Pardubice is finishing the third successful decade

The Czechoslovak and later the Czech construction significantly contributed to the development of radar technologies. In Pardubice now houses several manufacturers of radar technology. The most important is the company ELDIS Pardubice.

More than a hundred radars produced by company ELDIS continuously monitor the airspace in almost 30 countries around the world. These include both neighboring countries and remote destinations. For extra success in ELDIS they consider their activities in India. The cooperation here began in 1999 with the renovation of older assemblies and culminated a few years ago as part of the AAI (Airports Authority of India) project for Indian air traffic control. Since 2012, ELDIS in India has gradually covered practically the entire airspace with its technologies. ELDIS is now completing its first major supply to China and is participating in tenders in the civilian and military sectors in a number of other countries.

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