The ninth edition of Indodefence, an international trade fair for the defence industry, will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 2 to 5 November. The fair, whose importance is growing year by year, will be attended by companies of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) holding belonging to the Aerospace and Defence divisions, which will present their products and service.

The Czech industry and CSG holding will be represented at Indodefence 2022 by EXCALIBUR ARMY, ELDIS, RETIA, MSM GROUP and EXCALIBUR INTERNATIONAL. In the joint stand D 065 in exhibition space 20, they will present ground military equipment, ammunition of various calibers, as well as air traffic control systems and radar technology on an area of 140 m2. In Indonesia and the Southeast Asia region, CSG Holding companies are very active and successful in business. Moreover, the size of the local market offers additional business and partnership opportunities, so Czech companies must not miss Indodefence. In the past years, CSG Holding companies have delivered to Indonesia, for example, armoured vehicles, Tatra cars, rocket launchers, engineer equipment, airport radars, ammunition, spare parts, etc., and more projects are in the pipeline.

ELDIS company from Pardubice will present products for comprehensive radar solutions for airports. This includes, for example, the combined system RL-2000/MSSR-1, which combines the primary surveillance radar RL-2000 and the monopulse secondary surveillance radar MSSR-1. In addition, it will also introduce the PAR-E precision approach radar. The company has already succeeded with these systems in a number of regions, including Asian countries such as Indonesia, India, China, Pakistan and Malaysia, in addition to European countries.

Sister company RETIA will bring the ReTwis 5 portable radar to Jakarta, which is capable of detecting and tracking people and living creatures behind non-metallic obstacles. RETIA will also showcase a full-size model of one of its main products, which is the ReGuard compact 3D radar, designed primarily for the detection and simultaneous tracking of ground-based and slow, low-reflectivity targets. The radar is also suitable for locating and tracking drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, making it capable of functioning as part of anti-drone systems.

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