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The ANDROMEDA anti-drone system consists of several integrated high-tech subsystems:

  • DETECTION is ensured through a 3D radar sensor ReGUARD and radio sensors SYMON working in a passive mode

  • The ReGUARD radar can detect and track the drone of the DJI Phantom category at a distance of 6.5 km (4 mi.)

  • Targets detected by radar and radio sensors are simultaneously identified and confirmed by electro-optical sensors

  • SUPERVISION and MANAGEMENT - data from individual systems are collected and evaluated within the control center of the ANDROMEDA system

  • ELIMINATION - the system can act against drones by interfering with their control signals and navigation (GPS, GLONASS) and thus prevent them from violating the protected zone

  • The deployment of the ANDROMEDA system is possible both in a static (e.g. airport protection) and in a mobile variant

The Andromeda anti-drone system is designed and integrated by the company JISR Institute in cooperation with RETIA company, which supplies the 3D radar for detection and tracking of drones and UAx.